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From:"Patricia Karlisch" <>,
Date:Thu, 02 Sep 1999 09:48:51 -0400
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We really like the Sakura.  It has few problems; is easy to use and coverslips very quickly and accurately.  In the beginning when you buy the Sakura make sure everything is set correctly. Sometimes minor adjustments do need to be made.  We are currently using the Leica glass coverslipper for cytologies that are being placed on the Neopath cytology autoscreener, and have been having problems.  It is not a walk away system.  Neither is Sakura, but you can at least turn your attention for a few seconds to prepare another rack. With the Leica you are only asking for trouble.  So far it has broken slides, dumped slides down the side of the instrument and thrown coverslips across the walking beam.  I would suggest you try them all and decide for yourself.   

Pat Karlisch, Team Leader
Geisinger Medical Center
Danville, PA    17822

>>> "Sandy Julsing" <> 09/01 1:27 PM >>>
Dear Histonetters,
   Sorry if this subject has been beaten to death recently, I just re-subscribed.  Anyway, we have tried 3 coversllippers, the Hacker, the Leica and the Sakura.
   The techs like the Sakura becasue IT WORKS and is easy and you can file slides the next day.  However, apparently there is a "haze" when viewing sections on certain Olympus hi-dri objectives.  
   Any comments or suggestions?  Also, I'd be interested in finding someone who uses the Hacker or Leica that has a similar volume of slides, (180/day histo and 250/day paps), and can actually get them to work consistently with out a lot of fussing.  Your help is most appreciated.       Sandosis

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