Re: ganglia identification in colonoscopy biopsies

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Date:Thu, 2 Sep 1999 08:23:23 EDT
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Acetycholinesterase stain indentifies this.  I have been out of the lab for a 
while so I'm not sure how long this takes, I only remember it being time 
consuming.  I am sure some one else will comment.

Dawn M. Truscott

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<< Hi Histonetters and IPOXers,
 One of our pathologists has asked us to find a way to identify the presence
 of ganglia in frozen sections of colon biopsies.  Colonoscopy is performed
 to identify Hirschsprung's disease.  The idea is to sample sections of colon
 and perform quick stains to access the presence or absence of ganglia.  I
 don't know of any immunohistochemistry procedure that can be done within the
 30-45 minutes time frame.  All of the biopsies would be assessed while the
 patient is on the O.R. table.

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