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From:"Dr. Allen A. Smith"

I have frequently used the chemical extraction methods in Kiernan's
HISTOLOGICAL AND HISTOCHEMICAL METHODS (2nd ed., p. 140).  10% aqueous
perchloric acid, 16 hrs at 4 degrees C selectively removes RNA.  4% aqueous
trichloroacetic acid, 15 min at 90 degrees C removes DNA and RNA.  I find
that hot percholoric acid is too rough on my tissues.  Most of my tissue is
fixed in Bouin's fluid, some in formalin, some in Schaudinn's fluid
(alcoholic mercuric chloride).

Allen A. Smith, Ph.D.
School of Graduate Medical Sciences
   Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Barry University
Miami Shores, Florida
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Subject: RNA extraction

> Hi there!
> I was wondering if anybody has managed to successfully
> extract RNA from paraffin-embedded tissue and if so,
> what method did you use? I use duodenal biopsies and am
> hoping to extract RNA from the enterocytes. I have
> tissue that has been fixed in Bouin's and also in
> formalin. I'd appreciate any advice anyone might have.
> Thanks!
> Suzanne

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