pay for certified vs non-certified ht's varies depending on where you work.
in some areas there is no difference in pay at all, in others non-certs get
paid less and are required to become certified within a certain period of
time.  my point is, there are plenty of places to work and get paid equal to
cert. ht's even if you are not certifed.  until CAP (not ASCP) requires that
HT's be certified to work there is no requirement just preferences for
Patsy Ruegg, retired and certified

"Mohammed, Sayeed" wrote:

> If I remember it correctly, Ascp BOR has announced that year 2005 is the
> last for OJT for histo techs. And why would any body wants to perform the
> same duties as a histotech and make less money just becuase they are not
> certified.
> M. Sayeed
> ChiefTechnician
> Dept. of  Spore Pathology
> Baylor college of Medicine
> Houston TX. 77030

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