Re: occupational asthma

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From:Alex Brown <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Hi Trisha,
	I can understand you feeling uneasy over this question,
particulary as there is a complete lack of information as to the source
of the question(er) .  There are some unscrupulous employers who may
take advantage of information of this sort.  To my mind, requests for
information of this sort should be dealt with as a survey where the
participants remain anonymous.  Personal medical information should be
confidential, although your empoyer does have a right to know if you
suffer from a medical condition which would make you unsuitable for a
particular type of work, e.g. from a health and safety point of view (
your own or others )
	My tuppence ( two cents ) worth,
			Alex. Brown
			Kilmarnock, Scotland.

From: P. Emry
Subject: Re: occupational asthma
Date: 19 October 1998 18:50

Dear ?

I would like more information on the condition you discribe.  I would
like to know who you are and who you are doing the research for.

I think that such information could be a dangerous thing in some hands.
don't have a back-up profession and a note in my employment folder could
block future employment if/when we run out of grant money here, or when
the boss retires.

I would like to know if others feel this way about medical information
the workplace.


On Fri, 16 Oct 1998 wrote:

>   I am working on a  reasearch paper for occupational medicine...are
there any
> employees at your site or any site you know of that have experienced
upper or
> lower respiratory diffiiculty?  Please ...this is a viable disease and
> occupational hazard to  our profession and we      need to protect our
> workers   from    further hazards.  Lets unite now and protect us and
> environment.
>   Why am  I concerned??  I have been diagnosed with occupational
asthma due to
> formaldehyde overexposure and I care about you geting the same
>    WRITE ME NOW!!!    with your concerns

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