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Yes, there are different subpopulations of rat macrophages.
We were interested in alveolar macrophages, we did see some staining of
fixed macrophages in the connective tissue surrounding bronchi, but I
doubt that it was complete. As is true with human macrophages 'one size
doesn't fit all' -you will need to use several antibodies to stain all
of them. Serotec offers other antibodies in the ED set which should
help.  I have not used these personally, however they are supposed to
perform at similar dilutions and with similar pre-treatment.



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>Subject: 	ED-1-staining problem
>Hi Bryan
>You recently mentioned that you'd worked with a mouse anti-rat macrophage
>antibody from Serotec (ED-1) on formalin fixed paraffin embedded rat lung
>sections. I am currently using this antibody but it seems that only a
>percentage of macrophages are staining. Did you experience this also? Of
>course, maybe these unstained cells are not macrophage at all?
>Palo Alto

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