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Your comments on greening an acid indication... it all comes back to me now
(it's been over 15 years ago)... these are the things my mentor, Rosmarie,
told me when I was being trained in this.  She also pointed out that R&H's
MMA had the highest ppm of HQ of any other MMA available.  I was hoping all
MMA was up to this standard by now, but I guess not.

Polysciences people... what ppm of HQ is in your MMA?

Connie McManus
Veternary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, Utah

>Sometimes I feel like working with MMA/bone is like encountering
>aliens - not that I've had that "experience" - but can only imagine!
>Regarding the 'green tinge' thing, I 'heard' it was because it was
>starting to go acidic - aka breaking down, impurities may be a better
>explanation since it's still within the shelf life provided.  What I
>don't know is why different companies which sell MMA have such varied
>shelf life dates for their products.  I'm sure the HQ concentration
>effects it, but Fisher and Baker have ~ the same, as does the
>Polysciences.  I recall Rohm & Haas used 60ppm HQ, and we used to
>always order it with "date stamped less than 1 year from
>manufacture."   I just double checked our Fisher and Baker bottles --
>neither has an expiration date on them!!  After all this is said, I
>think I will try the Polysciences product next!
>Ah.... the wonders of MMA -

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