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Dear Russ,
having had some "horror "type experiences which were detected at labelling
with paper labels and crosschecking with block surfaces; we insist that only
one block may be sectioned at a time, only one patient be floated on the
water bath at one time, and only one slide may be labelled on the frosted
surface and must correspond to the block just sectioned and floating in the
bath- so inessence we only label at the time of picking up that section.
Gone are the days when you might have considered pre-labelling 200 or so
After staining and at the time of putting on the paper labels one tech.
crosschecks all block surfaces for Accession no. correlation.
Regards MIke Rentsch
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Date: Monday, 5 October 1998 10:56
Subject: Re: Blocks per Hour

I think we have been here before, but is there a consensus that it is
good practice to pre-label slides before putting sections on them?
Russ Allison, Wales

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