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From:"Liz Chlipala"

I guess I'm going to chime in here.  I own a small contract lab, I have
several employees on staff.  I'm a certified tech and I have one other
certified tech that works full time.  I have two other individuals who have
BS that are full time and are working there way towards taking the HTL exam.
I have hired many people with degrees and train them on the job with the
hopes that they will ultimately pass the registry.  When I interview I want
individuals who are motivated and want to take the registry.  I allow them
the time to study, give them whatever tools they need to help them pass the
registry.  I pay for their NSH membership and once they become certified I
pay for their ASCP dues and the cost of the exam if they pass.  As an
employer I feel that this benefits me and my business.  I believe that I pay
well and offer the best benefits that I can because I firmly believe that
you get what you pay for.  As a business owner your biggest cost is your
employees but they are also your biggest asset.  Just my two cents - take it
or leave it.




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