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From:Rene J Buesa

  You have just "pictured" a very common scenario: almost the same number are certified that are not and there are many labs not even considered.
  So, about my initial calculation with a "guestimate" of 49,000:
  do you think there are more?; less? or about right?
  René J.

Mildred Fail  wrote:
  At our institution we have 4 in the IHC/SS 10 in routine histology, 4 in MOHS, 2 in Pathology research, 2 in biochemistry and 1 in another research lab that I know of. There is a private lab in the area with 3, and 3 other hospitals whose numbers I don't know (maybe 10) Even with Vinnie on staff a number of our techs are not members of NSH or the state society. HE is working on making sure all are certified. It would be very interesting to see how many individuals are actually working as histologists certified or not.

Rena Fail

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