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From:Rene J Buesa

  And you are doing the right thing but not everybody does that!
Fairness in employment is usually not a quality of some employers that are only looking at the profit and thinking that if somebody goes, another will replace it.
  Histology is an unique area in the medical lab and our samples are essentially solid, discrete, unique and mostly irreplaceable!
  Sample lost is lost for ever! Section not used is lost also for ever!
  Training is fundamental in our trade and the histotech is constantly making decisions: how much tissue per cassette; what surface to embed to section; when the decal is ready; when to renew the reagents; when the end point was reached in the staining method; constantly taking decisions that can impact on the specimen and, consequently, on the diagnosis.
  Training is essential and getting a license helps with the knowledge required for that decision making but this is sometimes overlooked and not encouraged.
  René J.
Liz Chlipala  wrote:
  I guess I'm going to chime in here. I own a small contract lab, I have
several employees on staff. I'm a certified tech and I have one other
certified tech that works full time. I have two other individuals who have
BS that are full time and are working there way towards taking the HTL exam.
I have hired many people with degrees and train them on the job with the
hopes that they will ultimately pass the registry. When I interview I want
individuals who are motivated and want to take the registry. I allow them
the time to study, give them whatever tools they need to help them pass the
registry. I pay for their NSH membership and once they become certified I
pay for their ASCP dues and the cost of the exam if they pass. As an
employer I feel that this benefits me and my business. I believe that I pay
well and offer the best benefits that I can because I firmly believe that
you get what you pay for. As a business owner your biggest cost is your
employees but they are also your biggest asset. Just my two cents - take it
or leave it.


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