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Do you have access to an electron microscope?  If so does it have an EDAX (if my memory serves me correctly) attachment or can you send it to one.   I used one of these many years ago (circa 1982) at Sydney University to identify and semiquantitate some unique gold chloride crystals.   EDAX or EDX stands for energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDX).  If you can isolate your specs onto an EM target you should at least be able to get an elemental analysis.   Titanium oxide is also a component of paint and is utterly inert – I think it needs HF to dissolve it.  Hope this helps.


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Subject: [Histonet] Black pigment on Bronch Lavages


One of our pathologists and myself have been trying to identify some black intracellular pigmentation in a bronch lavage.  We have ruled out carbon, and bleaching the section did not work, therefore is not melanin.  It is a very fine dark black pigment and appears quite uniform in shape and size.  Our pathologist is thinking that it is lead (the patient is a long time professional painter), but lead stains are negative.  My other thought is aluminum deposits but have not yet stained for this.


I am hoping someone on the "Net"  may have some idea of what this may be, and if there is a method for demonstrating it.


Thanks very much in advance!


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