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From:"Chan Wai Kam"

Hi Mary,

I was about to post a question to Histonet about the use of microwave
for processing of tissues when I came across your message below. I hope
to get some advice.

I'm from Orthopaedics (research) and I process bone and cartilage
specimens the usual way through fixation in formalin, then
decalcification and so on.  I'm just wondering whether I can use the
microwave to speed up the processing without affecting the quality of
the specimens. Our usual processing for bone takes around 3 weeks until
embedding so it would be great if we could have something that can speed
up the process without sacrifing quality.  

Would appreciate any advice out there.

Julee Chan
Orthopaedic Surgery
National University of Singapore


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Do you currently have a microwave tissue processor?  We use the
Hacker/Milestone RHS-1 Microwave to process our fatty tissue. The times
that you see only represent the time at temperature, they do not include
the "ramp" up time (the time needed to bring the solution to the
appropriate processing temperature).  

Fixation - We fix the tissue cassettes overnight (6pm - 3am) in
Alcoholic  Zinc Formalin Ethanol - 10 minutes at 65 C JFC - Produced by
Hacker. Isopropanol can be used instead, however, you may need to extend
the time at temperature. - 1 hour and 37 minutes at 68 C 
Vaporization (Vacuum Drying) -Pressure at 500 mbar
Paraffin - 48 minutes at 65 C and pressure at 100 mbar

This program takes approximately 4 hours to run, it replaces our 16 hour
overnight program that we previously used to process fatty tissue.  The
only fatty tissue we do not process in the microwave is lipoma. 

Mary Reeves
Technical Specialist
1-352-265-0680 ext 7-2113

>>> Amy Self  10/28/03 01:58PM >>>


	Could you share with me your procedure for processing fatty
tissue in the microwave.  

	Amy Self

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From: Mary Reeves [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 1:38 PM
Subject: RE: [Histonet] RE: Microwave Tissue Processors

We microwave process all of our biopsy specimens and our fatty tissue
(except lipoma).   

Mary Reeves
Technical Specialist
1-352-265-0680 ext 7-2113

>>> "Hallada, Teri"  10/28/03 11:42AM >>>
I was wondering if anyone out there is using a microwave tissue
processor for routine hospital tissues. Are there any regulations
applicable to instituting one, ie FDA approval? Teri Hallada BS MT CT

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