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From:"Nick Kirk"

There are numerous PBS recipes, most of which are determined by the pH you
wish the buffer to be at.

For Sorensen's Phosphate buffer you need two solutions:-

A: 0.2M Sodium dihydrogen orthophosphate
B: 0.2M disodium hydrogen orthophosphate
to make up the required pH solution you mix different volumes of each for
the desired end pH.

For example, pH 6.4 buffer requires 36.7 mls of A for every 13.3mls of B and
pH 7.6 buffer requires 6.5mls of A for every 43.5 mls of B

Most good Histology textbooks will have the recipes in them.
It depends on which technique you are doing as to which buffer is required.

Alternatively you can buy ready weighed "buffer tablets" that you just
dissolve in distilled water.

Nick Kirk
Hinchingbrooke Hospital

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I looked up Phospho Buffered Saline and got a few formulas I had not seen
before.  Is there a basic formula?  Would you pass it on to me, please?
Thanks for your help.


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