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From:LINDA MARGRAF MD <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Histonetters: Here's a letter from Wang Kun
regarding problems he is having with thick sections. If you can help please
reply to him directly as he is not on the list. Thanks

Dear Dr. Margraf,
I am working for my diploma project on teratment of skin infection of mites
with liposomal formulated miticidal. In my  study, the effects of drug on
the skin was detac by confocal microscopy. In my last experiment, I prepare
skin sections vertically and parally forthe observation of confocal
microscopy by cryastat. The thickness of skin
slides is 60 micrometer.The skins were fixed by 4% Paraformaldehyde for 24
hour before incision by crystat.Now I encounter some problems.the cracks
around the hair follicle and among dermal layer were detected in the skin
slides we prepared.
I hope you can give me some suggestion on how to found some scientists who
are expertise in the similar work.I hope this will not take you too much
looking forward to your reply.
best wishes

Wang Kun    M.M.Sci.
Department of Parasitology
The Third Medical University
Chongqing, P.R.China

e-mail Adds:
Tel: 0086-023-68752278


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