RE: autofluorescence

From:Chris van der Loos

Carol Washer wrote:

Date: 5 Nov 2002 23:00:14 -0600
From: carol washer 
Subject: Autofluorescence

I work in a bone lab with undecalcified specimens embedded in MMA. We have
recently experienced autofluorescence in our unstained samples (thin
sections), which interferes with our analysis. Has anyone else experienced
this? What is the cause, and how can it be eliminated?
Thanks for your help.
C. Washer
Montreal, Canada

Dear Carol,
Please have a look at a similar discussion board like histonet, initiated 
by Hogne Roed Nilsen, Oslo, Norway. Then click "discussion", "IHC/ISH Discussion 
Board" NEW, "General Immunohistochemistry.
Last October 30th there was a posting on this issue, extensively answered 
by Hogne.

Chris van der Loos
AMC - Dept. of Cardiovascular Pathology
The Netherlands

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