RE: Leica ASP300 vs. Tissue-Tek VIP5

From:"Binsbergen, Anne"

Hi there histonetters - and friends

The Sakura VIP 5 gets my vote - hands down!!!!

Annie in Arabia

Anne S van Binsbergen
Supervisor - Anat Path Lab

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From: Melissa Jans
Sent: 11/5/02 11:59 PM
Subject: Leica ASP300 vs. Tissue-Tek VIP5

Does anyone have experience with either of these new processors they
would like to share?  I have done a demo of each processor but I am
still undecided as to which I would like to purchase.  Any thoughts?  (
I know this is a loaded question... email me directly if you would like,
and I can compile a summary to post on the histonet).

As always, thank you
Melissa Jans
University of Iowa Healthcare


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