RE: direct peroxidase for CD31

From:Thu-Thao Pham

Dear all the Histnet,

I'm very gratful and your time that you donate to response to my questions 
about direct peroxidase for CD31.

I was able to get information from a former Tech. before me that have done 
CD31 (but no longer in this lab). It turn out that this tech called a 
"direct peroxidase" is because he was pretreated the slides before adding 
CD31. The rest are the same steps (i.e. Biotinlyate, ABC step, DAB). 
Futhermore, a purified anti-CD31 was purchased from the Pharm. In the end, 
the whole procedure for CD31 that the former Tech did was NOT a direct 

Most of the time I only do histolgy for the people in this lab is to from my 
own knowledge and most of the help from other former lab that I worked 
before and from everyone in Histonet info. The only problem is whom I 
process the tissue for (post-doc, etc.). Especially for a person with narrow 


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