Re: TEM negative scanner?

From:Roger Moretz

Well, yes, there are such beasts.  EM Sciences sells a
unit (basically a Leaf camera on a stand) and other EM
vendors (Pella, SPI, Fullam, Ladd, Energy Beam
Sciences, et al) probably have similar units.  I have
an Agfa scanner (hi-res, flatbed) that "works", but to
me, the energy and time spent scanning, and then
printing (non-archival, and not so too great
resolution--even on a so-called hi-res printer) leaves
much to be desired.  There was a workshop at the MSA
Meeting in Long Beach this summer on digital
transformation of TEM negatives, and my take was that
for routine purposes (and my own experience) is that
the dark room still has a very strong place for
positives of TEM negatives.  If you have a digital
imaging system on the TEM, it's a different story. 
But I did not come away from the workshop with a
really good feeling about taking TEM negatives to
digital for routine work.  For presentations and
publications, there is a whole different perspective.
Just one person's opinion.
--- Teresa Flores  wrote:
> Fellow collegues, HELP!
> My boss has just asked if anyone might know of a
> scanner that we may place
> our negatives and obtain a positive image on photo
> paper and then be able
> to print from computer memory, thus avoiding
> darkroom printing of
> negatives?
> Any guideance or help, would be most appreciated.
> Many thanks, as always, a fellow colleague, Teresa

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