cutting undecalcified bone section with CryoJane


Carlene asked about cutting undecalcified bone with the CryoJane

Cutting frozen sections of undecalcified bone is never a trivial task. With
the CryoJane Tape-Transfer system the bone folks have success, although not
always 100% perfection.

We know that a very critical  factor is the sharpness and integrity of the
blade, which is usually tungsten-carbide. A sharp blade is the only way to
retrieve a fully intact section on the tape window.  Only a FULLY  intact
section will transfer completely to the slide.

The next important step is the laminating of the section to the
adhesive-coated slide. This must be accomplished without trapping bubbles.
Where there is a bubble you will not get transfer. Some pressure must be
exerted when rolling the tape onto the slide. Examining the back of the
slide will indicate whether bubbles have been trapped.

Finally, the removal of the tape must be done slowly and carefully with as
little sheer stress on the section as possible. This is accomplished by
keeping the tape close to the slide as it is peeled away. Someone used the
analogy, as if opening a can of sardines with a key!

With care, practice and time the battle can be won!


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