Re: ETOH at WalMart

From:Philip Oshel <>

I thought it was amusing. Although I prefer Bacardi 151 for 
differentiating -- I just forget if I'm differentiating stains or 
Great as a fixative for collecting invertebrates, too.

P.S. Denatured alcohol can work fine for some histology and 
microscopic uses, and it's a *lot* cheaper than lab alcohol. Don't 
scorn useful suggestions.

>You know people, I was trying to be funny but obviously that isn't how
>it came across. So let me clarify.  I have worked in labs that have had
>profoundly SLOW purchasing departments where it takes FOREVER to get
>orders in.  When I saw the ETOH at Walmart, I thought I would be a good
>histonet citizen and pass the information along in case someone out
>there who was experiencing an ETOH supply crunch could be helped out.  I
>never said I would actually DRINK the stuff or try using Jack Daniels to
>differentiate my staining.
>I'll close with the below listed poem from the website.
>From: "Ronald M. Anderson"
>Sadly there was no author line on the following bit of humor when
>someone sent it to me...
>I Shot A Query Into The Net
>I shot a query into the net.
>I haven't got an answer yet,
>But seven people gave me hell
>And said I ought to learn to spell;
>A posted message called me rotten
>For ignoring mail I'd never gotten;
>An angry message asked me, Please
>Don't send such drivel overseas;
>A lawyer sent me private mail
>And swore he'd slap my butt in jail --
>I'd mentioned Un*x in my gem
>And failed to add the T and M;
>One netter thought it was a hoax:
>"Hereafter, post to net dot jokes!";
>Another called my grammar vile
>And criticized my writing style.
>Each day I scan each Subject line
>In hopes the topic will be mine;
>I shot a query into the net.
>I haven't got an answer yet ...
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