Re: ETOH at WalMart

From:Karen Pawlowski <>

Hi Margaret,

I think most of us knew you were suggesting an alternative source for
your ethanol.  I think (but I'm not sure, that's why I didn't answer
before) denatured ethanol is the same as denatured alcohol or rubbing
alcohol and it contains methanol.  So its not a good substitution for
your lab ethanol.  

Reminds me of when my boss had me buying distilled water from the local
grocery store when our distiller wasn't working. It was that way when I
first came to the job, and I was told they had no problems using it as 
a substitute.  However, I had to alter my monobasic to dibasic sodium 
phosphate amounts to get the pH to be what I needed in my buffers.
Once the distiller was fixed, my old phosphate buffer recipe
worked again. The moral of the story-if you get your chemicals from a 
supply other than the one that is specifically meant for lab use, you 
may not be getting what you think, regardless of what it says on the 
label.  Thats why purchasing departments are so lax.  They really have 
no competition.

Karen Pawlowski

Margaret Gondo wrote:
> You know people, I was trying to be funny but obviously that isn't how
> it came across. So let me clarify.  I have worked in labs that have had
> profoundly SLOW purchasing departments where it takes FOREVER to get
> orders in.  When I saw the ETOH at Walmart, I thought I would be a good
> histonet citizen and pass the information along in case someone out
> there who was experiencing an ETOH supply crunch could be helped out.  I
> never said I would actually DRINK the stuff or try using Jack Daniels to
> differentiate my staining.
> I'll close with the below listed poem from the website.
> Margaret
> Poetry?????
> ...........................................
> From: "Ronald M. Anderson"
> Sadly there was no author line on the following bit of humor when
> someone sent it to me...
> I Shot A Query Into The Net
> I shot a query into the net.
> I haven't got an answer yet,
> But seven people gave me hell
> And said I ought to learn to spell;
> A posted message called me rotten
> For ignoring mail I'd never gotten;
> An angry message asked me, Please
> Don't send such drivel overseas;
> A lawyer sent me private mail
> And swore he'd slap my butt in jail --
> I'd mentioned Un*x in my gem
> And failed to add the T and M;
> One netter thought it was a hoax:
> "Hereafter, post to net dot jokes!";
> Another called my grammar vile
> And criticized my writing style.
> Each day I scan each Subject line
> In hopes the topic will be mine;
> I shot a query into the net.
> I haven't got an answer yet ...
> ..............................................................................
>  These same wrote:
> >
> > Mgondo found denatured alcohol at Walmart. After informing us, he continued
> > "I don't remember the price but it has got to be less
> > than the Ethanol at your local liquor store."
> >
> > Well, yes. It would be; it will be more poisonous too.
> >
> > Terry L Marshall
> > Histopathologist
> > Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire
> >
> >

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