Re: PAP / Hydrophobic pens

From:Philip Oshel <>

Erie Scientific

I don't know how the price compares, but I got some as a sample after 
the NSH meeting, and they seem to be good.


>Dear Aidan,
>   I use the barrier slides from BioGenex. The slides come with 
>various barrier positions on the slide.  You place your tissue in 
>the barrier area and your solutions stay in that area. I have found 
>I use less reagents since they do not run off the slide.
>And my tissue does not dry out.  The slides eliminate the hassles of 
>using the PAP pen or nothing at all. I feel they are terribly 
>expensive, but they do work well. I work in a research situation 
>where quality is always our first consideration. But, the
>budget is watched carefully and I have to justify my expenses. I 
>have not worked out a cost comparison of the slides vs. expense of 
>not using them.  I have looked for another company that makes a 
>similar product but have not found one. So I stick with
>BioGenex. If anyone out there knows of another company that makes 
>barrier slides please let me know.
>Kim Carter HT(ASCP)
>Ohio State University
>Comprehensive Cancer Center
>Columbus, Ohio USA
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