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From:Rachael Emerson

Hello. I am working with a mouse anti-p53 monoclonal antibody (PAb421) from
Calbiochem (#OP03L) and I am having problems with endogenous mouse
background.  The tissue that I am staining is irradiated mouse spleen, mouse
fetal liver, and adult mouse bone marrow.  I am currently blocking with
peroxide, avidin/biotin block from Vector, levamisole, and using Vectorıs
Mouse-on-Mouse Immunodectection Kit.  Unfortunately I am still getting
background staining on my no primary controls-even with all of the blocking

I would really appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

Rachael Emerson

Rachael L. Emerson 
Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research
University of Rochester Medical Center
575 Elmwood Avenue MRBX 1.11301
Rochester, NY 14642

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