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From:Rene J Buesa

  I will tell you what I did twice:
  1- I called all hospitals in my area and found out their salary ranges;
  2- with that information and anlyzing the training and educational background of my staff, I prepared a really fair salary scale/range; and
  3- I presented it to management to discuss it.
  Twice I succeeded in changing the salary range at my lab.
  Please remember that salary (as politics) is a local thing and in salary is more local, is "laboratory based" and offer/demand rules in many cases.
  Forget about what is paid in your region or even in the State. Go local, very local, to the other hospitals in the area that could be the ones that could "lure" your best techs by offering a better salary.
  Local competintion and availability of histotechs is what should be taken into considerations.
  Hope this will help you!
  René J.

Marcia Funk  wrote:
I know we have talked about the salary range before and the NSH has information for there last servey
which is dated 2005. I'm working hard with management to upgrade the pay grade for Histology.
If you have some information it would be greatly appreciated. Hospital size 309 beds, 23,0000
surgicals, autopsy and cellblocks. We do specials and a full range of IHC and ISH. 
We are in the midwest, working 8 hours shifts starting at 5:30. My concern is that there are
labs that just do Histology and then have a Special/IHC lab, where as our lab is a full service lab.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 


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