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I have an old Tissue Tek II as the "back-up" cryostat.  I monitor its temperature everyday and found that the temperature I have it set at and the actual temp varies considerably.  I had our bio-med guy look at it and he said that there really isn't any thing he could do about it. So I watch it closely.  I noticed that as frost starts to build up, the tempreature goes up.  I know it's time to defrost it when the temp gets out of range.  Once newly defrosted, it goes back to the colder end of the range.  I have a seperate thermometer inside the chamber to get an acurate reading for my QA log.  I do have a manual (copyright 1966!!) and it doen't say anything about setting the temperature.
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> Good Morning Everyone, We have a old Tissue Tek 11 4553 cryostat. We 
> noticed after defrosting it that the temperature went way cold. We turned 
> the dial which moves the black hand and set it for -25 and noticed that the 
> blue hand is way past -30. We cannot find the users guide to save our 
> lives. Probably lost a long time ago. Anyways can anyone tell me how to 
> reset this thing. 
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