Laboratory wear

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 It is interesting to read the variety of measures and protection 
adopted within laboratories.I worked for many years in the Health 
Service where safety measures were good although looking back 
could have been better. Now in a research establishment where the 
biological hazards are almost nil, my main concern is with the 
chemicals we use. I do insist that my staff wear the appropriate 
protection when dealing with hazardous substances but have tried 
to eliminate such chemicals from procedures where possible.
 I have no control over the research staff and what they do in their 
labs. but insist they follow the correct procedure when entering or 
working in my department. 
Common sense must prevail when working in any environment, and 
I just wonder how many of us adopt this when we go home and do 
some painting, saw wood, fill up with petrol, use the mobile, eat 
junk food. 

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