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Have you tried Dako?  They are a good source for complement antibodies and many
of their antibodies will detect in a number of species.  Their catalog won't
state this information, but you can obtain it from spec sheets or from technical
services.  There is also a company called Metra Biosystems (I think they are a
subsidiary of Quidel)  which carries a large selection of complement antibodies.
They do some testing of their antibodies for IHC, but not on as many conditions
as Dako (I think most of these antibodies are for molecular purposes).  Their
website is

Other sources that you may want to try is through and
You can get into their databases without registering ( I'm pretty sure they ask
for a credit card for that ).  If you want to order something and don't have a
credit card to use, then you can get in touch with the company listed which
sells the product, and the prices are the same.

I hope this is helpful.  Several months ago, I had to find and order many
complement antibodies for an ongoing project.  My C5b-C9 antibody came from
Metra Biosystems and it detects beautifully on pig and baboon tissue.  Good


Suzy Winden
Experimental Surgery Pathology Core Lab
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC

stephen asquith <> on 05/09/2000 01:10:15 PM

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 Subject: Complement Membrane Attack Complex C5b-C9           

I'm looking for a source or supplier for Complement Membrane Attack Complex
C5b-C9 antibody against rat. Any ideas would be most welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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