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Date:Wed, 31 Mar 1999 07:24:00 -0500

     Surgipath also makes very large cassettes, called "super cassettes"
     I'll send out the product #'s when I find them.  
     Richard Rodriguez
     Schering-Plough Research Inst.
     Lafayette, NJ

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Subject: Large LARGE cassettes
Author:  "P. Emry" [] at S-P_EXHUB_AM
Date:    3/30/1999 2:37 PM

Hi Netters,
I have put questions out on the net about LARGE cassettes, but have gotten 
no reply.  I finally recontacted Zeiss and just got samples of what I have 
been looking for.....YEA, Zeiss!
I thought I would pass on the info since it took some time to get it.
The cassettes are 8cm long, 5.6cm wide and 1.6cm deep.  They come with 
lids and have disposable plastic molds the same size.
The number included in the info was P/N 910617-5500P.
They were sent by:
Les Lutz
Carl Zeiss Inc.
One Zeiss Drive
Thornwood, NY  10594
(914) 681-7885
(914) 681-7452 fax
Thanks Les
Trisha Emry
U of Washington, Seattle

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