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To:Scott Taft <>
Date:Mon, 08 Mar 1999 18:42:49 -0500
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Histogel is a agar based gel that liquifies when it is heated an turns
to a soft but firm solid when it cools. What ever is in the gel when it 
cools stays in the gel through processing, it is infiltrated well with
all solutions and paraffin, easy to embed and orient, Cutting is a
breeze, and their is no background staining, it will make your life
easier, and the results are for the patients. You can get through
Richard Allen Scientific, if you handle alot of small stuff have you
tried the Histoscreen cassette, no wrapping, no sponges, and no artifact
with these cassettes. Oh and the Histogel is cheap, cheap, cheap.
Good Luck.

Scott Taft wrote:
> Could anyone tell me what they know about Histogel?
> What exactly does it do?
> How does it work?
> Where you get it?
> Cost?
> Thanks,
> Scott/Tucson AZ
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