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From:Rob Crawford

Wow Lesley- do you work in my lab?!  My current peeve is that when I
suggest a way of setting up a project no one seems to think that it will
work and then having a collaborator/grad student/postdoc suggest the
exact same thing and having it immediately approved.  Guess that's why
I'm looking for a new job...
Still could be worse.  

Rob Crawford

Univ. of Washington
Chamberlain Lab

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You forgot the bit about how, after you have solved all the problems and
produced a smoothly-working protocol to do something no-one has even
to do before, the project is taken away from you and given to a graduate
student. The papers resulting from your ideas and work are then
bearing the student's name, but not yours. Even so, it's a lot more fun
routine hospital work.

Lesley Weston.

on 08/03/2003 7:13 AM, Morken, Tim at wrote:

> A research histologist is one who has to work at 110 percent to make
up for
> the deficiencies of the person who gives them tissue without ever
> to the histologist before hand to find out how best to treat and
> said tissue. don't feel bad - research is all about figuring out how
to do
> something no one has done before, and often things that logically
can't be
> done - often by researchers who have no clue how to do the work
> And projects can take years - I have been working for 18 months on a
> and all we have done is figured out the best way to maintain and treat
> tissue explants for best results - we have not really started the main
> yet!
> Tim Morken
> Atlanta
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> Ok here goes;
> What is the difference between a Histologist and a Research
> First I have been trained in histology including my AA Degree from a
> recognized approved college, for the field of Histology.I am board
> certified, ASCP since 1996.
> I have in the past work in Histology at two local Hospitals.
> With routine work, microtoming paraffin sections, also fresh frozen.
> tissue from Human Hospital surgeries.
> I now have a job in research . I have been working here now for 3.5
> . I
> cut a lot of skin, brains,ear tissue, from different rodents also cut
> large
> brain sections and Hearts from Swine pigs and NHP. I also cut up to
> over 1,000 slides on a given protocol ( several rodents)
> I also cut multiple sections of brain 8 slides on on block.
> I have cut up to 10 slides on mouse ears. (serial sections).
> I have even received awards for outstanding histology slides I have
> I also am involved with per fusions of rodents.
> Now with this type of work I am I a research Histologist?
> I work for many doctors here in research.
> I have one doctor that is for some reason not happy all of a sudden
> the brains I cut for him. He feels he need to teach me to be a
> Histologist.
> He even came and picked his blocks up , he tried to cut them and he
> can't
> do any better then me.
> But yet again he wants to teach me to be a research histologist.
> I am I missing something here.
> I have been in the field since 1996.
> Does anyone know the difference on how I will microtome different
> a
> research histologist?
> Thank you
> Sandi Miller HT
> USAMRICD Research
> Md

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