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Would this blocker also be effective in blocking non-specific staining in sebaceous glands in skin?

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Is this a monoclonal antibody, if so you need a mouse on mouse kit. Dako ARK
or Immungen work well. If it is a ployclonal then were is the background?
i.e. Glands, epidermis, dermis, etc. You could try Avidin/Biotin blockers,
or a universal blocker like Biogenex Power block, this is an enzyme blocker
and is very strong. 

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> Fellow netters,
> I am attempting beta gal immunos on mouse tissue and getting a lot of
> background stain. I have tried 3% H202 as is and made up from 30% H2O2 in
> methanol. I have also tried different antibody titration's from 1:200 up
> to 1:4000. I am redoing the 1:2000 and 1:3000 tomorrow but need some
> suggestions on how to reduce the background staining. I also use the
> recommended 3% goat serum.
> Thanks,
> Ron Martin

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