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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Oh, Jeffrey!  Another one of those juicy words whose meaning is lost in the emotion of using it.  The last time I saw efflorescence, it was creeping on the wall of a basement lab, or was it in a subway station.  For a wonderful, albeit pathotic, discussion of what is called "efflorescence", I recommend the following: (These folks use another term of delight:  "OPACIFICATION!!!"  That's what happens in a march for peace!  Yummy!)
You might be right about the 'dehydration', but I ALWAYS screw my caps on tight, especially when it's cold outside!
Ferr(ic) Three alum with the violet cast  
Changes to whitish obscura.
Caused by a mishap'd evolution that's past,
It is certain there's no simple cure_a.
But when, my friends, the whitish shows up,
Don't shed salty tears in the gears.
Indeed, the solution's just dripped in the cup,
'Caus you order fresh crystals, my dears!
It must be Friday
Fred Monson
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Subject: Shrinking violet ferric AS crystals

Fred- They lose the   .12 H20 through I think,  efflorescence? The crystals "dry out" in the bottle.
Jeff Silverman
Southside Hospital Bay Shore NY USA

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