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    Denatured alcohol is not a uniform product.  There are many variations.  Check the label or the catalog to find out what the denaturant is.  If neither one helps, call the company.
    Alcohol denatured with kerosene (formula 19A) or benzene (formula 12A or 28) is a poor dehydrating agent: avoid it.
    Alcohol denatured with butyl alcohol (formula 44) is a fair dehydrating agent. Use it only as a last resort.
    Alcohol denatured with methyl alcohol methanol (formula 3A or formula 30) is a good dehydrating agent. 
    Alcohol denatured with acetone (formula 23A) is a good dehydrating agent.
    Alcohol denatured with brucine (formula SDA) is also a good dehydrating agent.  Although brucine is very poisonous by mouth, it is not absorbed through the skin.  Alcohol denatured with brucine should not be boiled off on a hotplate (except in a fume hood) because brucine breaks down to nitrogen dioxide at high temperatures (well above boiling).

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I think I may have a problem with the reagent alcohol. This is my new processing schedule. Any suggestions would be welcome:
NBF 2 hrs
70% 15 min
80% 30 min
95% 30 min
100% 45 min X3
Histosolve for 40 min X3
Paraffin for 30, 40, 40, then sit until embedded in the 4th change

I use reagent alcohol rather than Ethanol because of the taxes. Even though I work in a hospital, the Path dept. is a private entity, so cannot quickly get a tax free aproval.


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