BBC Rapid Fix

From:Tim Webster

Hi Everybody,

BBC sells "Rapid Fix".  "Rapid fix tm is a fast-acting fixative designed
specifically to be used at the grossing station.  It fixes fatty tissues
more rapidly than 10%NBF."

Three questions: 

1) Does anybody use it, and what do you think?
2) Suggestions for a study to confirm that no structural or artefactural
changes occur. - Something quick and easy please!
3) Any suggestions other than "Patience is a virtue"!

Background: There are times when we suffer with tissue (human) that need to
be reprocessed due to poor infiltration.  I suspect that the problem occurs
when the tissue is inadequately fixed before processing.  (It may be the
dehydration, but it occurs mostly on tissue that is either fatty or a little
too fresh, and everythin' else is just peachy! - Hence, I'm looking at the

Also, with regard to recent discussions on vendors and reps etc, Adrian from
BBC has been very helpful.  We are unlikely to be a huge account, but he has
been friendly and accomadating. However, I would like the opinion of those
in the trenches!

Thanks, and have a good day.


Tim Webster
Histology Specialist
Northwestern Medical Center
St Albans, VT 05478
(802) 524-1070 

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