more frozens, CJD, known cases

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From:Gayle Callis <>
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I stand corrected, on proven cases of CJD, then CDC and other guidelines
are clear, obviously.  I was more concerned with the UNKNOWN cases, can one
be 100% sure what you are cutting is NOT infected with agents that concern
us all, even in the research setting.  That is more of a dilemma.  So what
do you do then, if it is an unknown, cut or not cut as a blanket policy?
That is what I was reading into the comments, but probably missed the key
point in the first place, the words KNOWN CASES.         

Even in our research facility, blanket policies do exist:  no HIV infected
tissues from research projects, fresh frozen;  no human tissues known or
unknown origins, fixed or unfixed fresh frozen.  Yup, it works for all of
us. BUT we still have to deal with the unknowns, same as clinical settings.



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