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Hi Ron-
According to numerous publications, and our experience, the very common
mouse monoclonal antibody, clone V9 is rat reactive.  The protein (amino
acid sequence) seems to be highly conserved, so it reacts with many
species.  Many manufacturers supply this antibody.  General information,
an IHC stain, and the data sheet (complete with references) about our
VImentin V9 can be found on our web site at the following link:

You may also enjoy this abstract from MEDLINE:
"Species-specificity of glial vimentin as revealed by immunocytochemical
studies with the Vim 3B4 and V9 monoclonal antibodies."
Neurobiology (Bp) 1995;3(2):151-64   (ISSN: 1216-8063)
Gereben B; Gerics B; Galfi P; Rudas P; Hajos F; Jancsik V
Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, University of Veterinary
Science, Budapest, Hungary.

Two monoclonal antibodies directed against vimentin, Vim 3B4 and V9
could distinguish between vimentins
originating from certain species, when tested on cell lines (Bohn et al,
1992). Our comparative
immunohistochemical studies in the rat and chicken brain with the same
antibodies suggest the coexistence
of two vimentin forms in the glial cells of both species. One of these
forms bearing the epitope present in the
respective non-glial cell lines is present in astrocytes and Bergmann
glia independently of the ontogenic state
of the animal. The other epitope appeared also mutually in both species,
albeit its expression was more
restricted. These patterns suggest that in these two species, the
expression of the different vimentin forms
might be differently regulated.

This should get you on your way!  Please let me know if you have further

Best regards,
Mark Corl
Technical Services
Lab Vision - NeoMarkers

"Ronald L. Salisbury" wrote:

> I would like to find an antibody to vimentin that will work on rat
> tissues. Can someone suggest a source?
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