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I use the Ventana for research with great success I have switch from Ventana reagents to Signet Lab reagents which are much less expensive. I use different  primary and secondary antibody vendors and all is working great. I have not tried special stains but  it would be easy to modify  protocols and times for that.

Jamie Erickson

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>>> "Fessler, Jim" <> 03/15 2:16 PM >>>
We, here at Pennsylvania Hospital, have the Ventana Special Stains Module.
Although the machine is very easy to use I must admit that the results  seem
inconsistent at times.The reagents are EXTREMELY expensive and expire before
the kit is used completely.  Also, the pre-set  protocols are not  able to
be altered.   
Jim Fessler
Pennsylvania Hospital
Department of Molecular Pathology 
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> Last summer we had a demo machine- Ventana Nexus.  I was very skepital
> when I agreed to demo it, but was very surprised at the consistent results
> and ease of use.  I hated to lose the machine when it came time to give it
> up.   The hospital did not budget for the machine, but all in all it was a
> very good asset  while in the lab, and would certainly have automated many
> routine stains, allowing more work per technician.
> Susan Meloan
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> >>> "Tom T. McNemar" <> 03/15 7:36 AM >>>
> Hello everyone!  Does anybody have any experience with using automation to
> perform stains like Trichrome, Alcian-Blue Pas, Grocott's Methenamine
> Silver, etc.?  I would appreciate any input you may have.
> Tom
> Licking Memorial Hospital
> Newark, Ohio

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