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From:Mary Stevens <>,,
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We're currently demo-ing (is that a word? it is now....) auto stainers for special stain purposes.  We typically perform the Goldner's trichrome, and VonKossa.  And will also incorporate any H&E's and the Saf O eventually.   We typically run large batches of Sp. stains, so my comments are for batch stainers only.

so far we've tested the Leica, we liked it.  Also have the Shandon and Sakura  to evaluate. In my opinion, they will all perform what we need them to do - I already checked them out at NSH.  they are easy to program and run, will do large numbers of slides and at least 2 different special stains will fit the number of baskets each has.  We could probably run 3 sp stains if needed.  Each runs multiple stains and baskets at the same time. 

Good luck.

>>> Susan Meloan <> - 3/15/2000 10:24 AM >>>
Last summer we had a demo machine- Ventana Nexus.  I was very skepital when I agreed to demo it, but was very surprised at the consistent results and ease of use.  I hated to lose the machine when it came time to give it up.   The hospital did not budget for the machine, but all in all it was a very good asset  while in the lab, and would certainly have automated many routine stains, allowing more work per technician.

Susan Meloan
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Department of Pathology
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, Ga 30912
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>>> "Tom T. McNemar" <> 03/15 7:36 AM >>>
Hello everyone!  Does anybody have any experience with using automation to
perform stains like Trichrome, Alcian-Blue Pas, Grocott's Methenamine
Silver, etc.?  I would appreciate any input you may have.

Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

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