RE: Microm processor

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From:Brown Alex <>
To:HistoNet <>

Hi Roberta,
	Based on past experience ( although not with a Microm ), it sounds
as though there may be water in your xylenes. I would check your reagents ,
and if neccessary get an engineer to check the seals and valves on the
	Alex Brown
	Crosshouse Hospital
	Kilmarnock, Scotland

From: Roberta Horner
To: Histonet
Subject: Microm processor
Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2000 2:15PM

I have been having problems with our processor and was hoping someone else
could shed some light for us.  I end up with rubbery tissues.  We change all
the reagents on Friday,  Monday morning the tissues were fine but Tuesday
morning I had rubber.  I called the service people and they have no idea
they kept saying it was the reagents but I told them if it was the reagents
it would not have worked for the weekend tissues.  Anybody have any
Roberta Horner HT
Animal Diagnostic Lab
Penn State

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