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From:"Nader, Alexander" <>
To:histonet <>
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>>I have a surgeon that has submitted a colon biopsy, and would like
>> me to stain for silver. I have not found anything in the usual sources,

> Is he possibly looking for H.Pylori, simple answer, but you know 
> pathologists, some labs are using a modified Warthin-Starry 
> for this, hence a 
> silver stain.

If I have to look for H.pylori in colon biopsies too, I'll quit this job. In
the days before these microorganisms invaded earth (and stomachs too),
somebody could see biopsies with dysplasia,  cancer, lymphomas and so on,
nowadays the only thing you're looking for are HLO before and after therapy.

In my opinion HLO *does* give stress induced ulcers in pathologists too! 

Dr. Alexander Nader
Path. Institut Hanuschkrankenhaus
A 1140 Wien, Oesterreich <>


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