Calling all "Boneheads"!

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From:Linda Jenkins <>
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Dear members of the Hard Tissue Committee(aka-Boneheads):
	We are in urgent need of a co-editor for our newsletter, Hard
Times.  Due to circumstances beyond her control our current co-editor(Sarah
Christo - Texas A&M Vet school) has had to resign the position.  Thanks
Sarah! She has done a wonderful job during the past year and a half.
	The co-editor position needs someone who is willing to hover on the
Histonet selecting topics that deal with plastics, bones, stents, and any
hard tissue subjects, and then contacting the author and asking permission
to print the article in the newsletter.  This is for the benefit of our
<many> HTC members that don't have access to the Histonet.  The co-editor
also helps edit the final copy of the newsletter.
	I won't deny that this volunteer position carries some
responsibility; however, the fringe benefits are great - such as the free
trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to compare coral and bone!
Ahah- now that I really have your attention- I have to tell you the
trip(unfortunately) is not a reality:-(  But wouldn't it be fun to go 'down
under' and visit our bonehead buddies?  Seriously, we really could use your
help!  Please contact me personally if you would like to serve in this
	Linda Jenkins, Chair
	Hard Tissue Committee
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering

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