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Histonet members,
We are closing down some aspects of our histopathology lab and I can't bear to
just relegate some items to the scrap heap.  If anyone is anyone interested in
acquiring any of these items, please contact me as soon as possible:

        Shandon Autosharp IV knifesharpener- we used this for sharpening HK
        knives.  Knifeholders included.

        Hewlett-Packard Cabinet X-ray Faxitron- we used this for
        microradiography of bone sections.  Simple adaptation cuts the time down

        Microm HM325 rotary microtome- minimal use for paraffin sectioning.

These items must process through our Resource Recovery unit but as they have
such a specialized application they are not readily turned around.  Plus, they
have lost any actual book value as far as inventory is concerned.   Mostly, RR
asks for enough  dollars to cover shipping and handling.

Please let me know if any of you are interested as we need to clear the space as
soon as possible!

Gwen Nelson

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