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We have a policy of not doing cryostat work on CJD material or any other
"nasties" if we can avoid it.  The question we ask is  "Will the results
from this procedure outway the hassle?".  A good risk assessment helps to
focus medical minds on what's worthwhile and what' not.

Andy Shand
Frenchay Hospital
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Subject: CJD Question.

> Hi Histonetters!
> I know this subject has been discussed to death. The recent info about
> fixation with Formalin followed by Formic Acid, etc has been very helpful.
> The question I have is:  What do you do to decontaminate a cryostat when a
> frozen has been done on a suspected CJD case?  With the new electronically
> controlled cryostats, it is impossible to decontaminate completely without
> damaging the electronic components. I have used alcohol to wipe up the
> inside and used straight bleach on the knife holder and other removable
> components, and then used straight bleach on the inside walls that I could
> reach.   What I am interested in is whether your lab has any policy
> regarding NOT doing frozens on CJD (or suspected) cases? We have such a
> policy for autopsies, because it is impossible for us to contain the bone
> dust when opening the skull to remove the brain.  Our epidemiologist and I
> are going to write a hospital policy about frozen sections and could
> use input from any and all of you.  Thank you for help on this.
> Best Regards.
> Mickie
> Michael L Johnson, BS, HTL(ASCP)
> Histology Supervisor
> Department of Pathology
> Sacred Heart Medical Center
> W. 101 8th Avenue
> Spokane, WA 99220

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