Re: BioGenex Immunostainer

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Date:Sun, 27 Jun 1999 21:19:42 -0400

   I have been using a Biogenex Opti-Max for about a year now and love
its versatility.
We use the open format mostly and love it.  There have been a few minor
that were fixed immediately by Biogenex and have not had a problem since.
is great to work with and responds quickly when we have had a problem in
the past.
We chose the Biogenex for the simple fact that it was bar-coded and open
format and
we did not have to use their kit or antibodies on the instrument if we
chose not to.
If you have any further questions you are welcome to call me at work.

Pam Futrell
Lakeland Regional Medical Ctr.
(941) 687-1007
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