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To:Ginny Achstetter <>
Date:Sun, 27 Jun 1999 20:26:12 -0400
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Is going for the HTL worth it?

Yes and no. If you've been working in the field for decades as you've 
indicated, have the job position you want where you are working, don't
plan on going for a higher supervisor position, know you will never 
move to another location, town or hospital, and know that your 
hospital isn't planning on downsizing, then, you are probably right, 
it is not worth it.

However, if you look in "Advance", many of the jobs for supervisor
now require a BS and/or HTL. And several Histonetters have written
to this listserv on how they have been denied supervisory positions 
because they do not have the BS/BA degree, and/or the HTL. Some
of these positions for histology supervisors have been filled with
MT or CT, because they have the degree. In several hospitals
around here, the hospital laid off 1/2 the lab supervisors, and
made the remaining supervisors be in charge of 2 labs. In all the
cases, the hospital laid off the histotech supervisor, and put
a med tech supervisor over histology. The histology supervisors
did not have the BA/BS degrees, while the MT's did. 

Would it have been worth it in these cases to have the BA/BS and
the HTL? I would like to think - yes.

Just my opinion, for whatever it's worth.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Ginny Achstetter wrote:
> Thanks to all who responded about the requirements for the HTL.  I guess it
> isn't really worth it for someone who has been in the field for decades.

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