[Histonet] Immunohistochemistry with whole mouse embryos,

From:sohail ejaz

Hi, Gayle,

While searching the histonet archive for information about processing whole mount mouse embryo, I came across your request regarding difficulcity in permiablization during Immunohistochemistry with whole mouse embryos,
  I have exactly the same problem that hhave encountered while staining E9.5 and E10.5 embryos.
  So i would like to enquire about some tips regarding permeabilization of embryos.
  I am using follwoing pattern
  5% H2O2 in methanol for 5 hrs
  (Primary antibody) Rat antimouse CD31, Cat log No. 550274  1/50
  (2ndry antibody) HRP conjugated affinipure goat anti Rat IgG code 112-035-167, 1/100 
  Jakson Immuno Research lab.
  Vector DAM, Sk 4100, Vector lab

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