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You might want to try a place whose website is at Besides any standard (mouse, rat, human, etc) serum, they also have odd things like sera from beagle, guinea pig, donkey, ferret, cyno monkey, baboon, etc, etc.  Can usually get it whole blood, serum, plasma or any kind of special order.  I know many large pharmaceutical companies use them.  Products are excellent.  But to answer your concern about price comparisons with other companies, I have no idea at all since fortunately or unfortunately, that was not a concern in a former professional life.  They are in a 516 telephone area code but providing serums and fluids like that is their main product and purpose so you might check out prices there.  Again, products are excellent.

Ray Koelling
Phenopath Labs
Seattle, WA

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> Does anyone use donkey serum from another source besides Jackson 
> ImmunoResearch and have excellent results? Their serum is so costly 
> for high volume IHC. 
> Thanks, 
> Andrea 
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