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We use high profile disposable blades, Sakura FineTek Accuedge coated 
blades for all our cryomicrotomy.  The high profile is a bit sturdier than 
low profile and is JUST as sharp as low profile.   To satisfy curiousity 
about any differences of these blades,  the thickness of both was measured 
with a dial caliper, and learned high profiles are just a fraction thicker 
below the slanted bevel edge than the low profile.

We do not experience chatter, vibration with the high profile blades, but 
have had some problems with low profiles.   Be sure to try the different 
blades available, ask for samples - ThermoFisher, DuraEdge, and Richard 
Allan EdgeRite are excellent high profiles too.  There are more besides these.

What is critical is the temperature you set for the brain cryotomy  - we 
cryosection at -16C, and some advise lower temps than that,  but this 
temperature works for brain, spleen and liver.  Our cryostat does not have 
a separate temperature control for sample or blade.

At 07:58 AM 6/15/2007, you wrote:
>What thoughts do people have on the relative advantages of high and low 
>profile knives for slicing mouse or rat brain? We use fresh frozen tissue. jane
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