RE: Tungsten carbide knife sharpening

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RE: Tungsten carbide knife sharpening

Dear Joanne,

We use Shandon Autosharp 5 knife sharpeners for tungsten carbide
knives, without any problems. So long as you have the correct knife holder to suit your knives.

If there are chips on the edge this may take some time to be removed and increase the facet size. When the facet gets too large we have to surface grind the faces of the knife to restore it back to its original size. Most engineering workshops have surface grinders with diamond wheels, so when you get to this stage you will need to source one who is willing to carry out the regrinding for you. It would not make economical sense to purchase a surface grinder.  

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From: Joanne Schoonmaker []
Sent: 30 May 2003 18:51
Subject: Tungsten carbide knife sharpening

Is anyone in the Histonet community sharpening their own tungsten carbide
knives with the Shandon Autosharp 5?  If so, I'd be interested in learning
what the pluses and minuses are.

Joanne Schoonmaker
Research Technician
Orthopedic Surgery
SUNY Upstate Medical University

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